The moon is always lonely behind the clouds.
No mates.
Stars and clouds are everywhere but they are far, far away from the moon.
He always has the best bond with the sun and they were struggling to show everyone,
How they bond,
How they rise,
How they shine together.
They want to show their brightness together.
This Earth,
Being the only acquaintance.
They have their own signals.
As sun sets, moon rises,
With the high tides they try to feel and touch each other.
They wait for each other, see each other and set.
When all the three try to meet, either moon goes far away from the sun in Poornima
Or the moon facing earth but not the sun in Amavasya.
Moon comes everyday to meet earth but on amavasya it is not visible to earth.
But moon never stop trying.
It start again, getting visible to earth.
And the cycle goes on.
They never end desire to meet each other or to be with each other in any form.

P R O G R E S S .

Progress looks different on everyone.
I’m doing
Re growing
Evolving into new me
Transforming to new self.
Progress doesn’t require announcement for every single step you take,
Work calmy, work silently.
And pheeeew there you go.
People mis-understand progress with show off.
There’s nothing to be compared.
It’s you who can feel the process and progress within.
Progress is about the growth.
Grow and glow more and more day by day.
Every chance you get, try to level up yourself.
Try to improve.
Not only in studies or in career but also emotional, mental, physical, social progress in necessary.

Disappear, come back better. (If it requires)

Cans and can’ts.

Don’t tell yourself about the CAN’TS,
They are cruel, ruthless
If they become too familiar, too
known, too seen
There won’t be any place for CANS.
If you tell so,
They will stick to you and you’ll adapt them easily.
They will alter your esteem.
And pull you down.
And once you’ve started thinking about CAN’TS,
You will always find it as an excuse.
And they will not allow you to try, to work hard,
To work harder everyday.
CAN gives you a false motivation,
But with least regrets.
CAN’T will not even allow you to start.
Start doing, fail. Fail.
Don’t stop.

Fail, fall but keep going.

By my personal experience – if you start thinking all the positives and start saying I can and I already did, trust me you’ll definitely find it easy while doing that. Even if you fail, it won’t affect you much.

Don’t complain.

Don’t complain,
For every time you bluff yourself,
You cheat yourself.

Don’t complain,
For the excuses you make and then,
You cry for your failure.

Don’t complain,
For every time you tired,
You rest.

Don’t complain,
For the chance you missed,
you weren’t serious.

Don’t complain,
Because you, yourself will run your own future.

Become everything you encounter.
Become everything you are capable of.
Don’t complain.

Stop fighting.
Find the grace.
Flow with the power you have inside.


If I could hold you,
and take you home.
Sing you to sleep,
and hold you close.
It’s Saturday night,
I wanna hold you tight.
But I’m a mess.

I wish I could take you
to that height,
where we just find peace.
Sit and talk and eat alot.
I can take care of you,
But I’m a mess. 

All the lights will,
guide me to your way.
I feel that dark, ’bout you.
You can’t make a spark now.
I’m a mess.

And in night,
I want to look at you,
Every second, every minute.
I want to hug you.
Even if I’m a mess. 

Emotional reaction.

Emotional reaction to everything is just not the right way.

You can be controlled by anyone, by this mean.

Emotional sentences, emotional words can’t trap you.

If you are being controlled by someone and it continues, you will suffer.

If words can control you, anyone else can.

It’s fine to share your emotions but if you are completely dependent on someone’s emotion, means you are trapped.

Emotional actions are the fooling weapons, triggering the most sensitive and emotionally weak humans.

You will continue to suffer if you have reaction to all the emotions.

Just sit back,



Breathe and pass.



I m in the dark place.

There’s nothing inside,

Except for the future thoughts.

Self – induced,


Sleepless – nights.



Success but,

Standing on a no level zone.

Running out of stress.

Blurry vision.

Standing out against

the blackness,

occupying my entire


Work work,

Work until you your self feel proud.

Work until you don’t feel that you have

learned something great.


Kuch cheeze bilkul nahi badali or kuch kaafi badal si gayi, Issi tarha phir hum dono ne shuruwat ki.

Kuch yaadein usne yaad ki or kuch maine,
Issi tarha baatein chalti rahi.

Kuch aadaton se hum waakif the,
Iss tarha usse dohraate gaye.

Kuch pasand or na pasand hume yaad thi,
Issi tarha vo phir hume sath laayi.

Kuch ussi tarha hum ladh rahe jhagad rahe,
Or issi tarha hass rahe.

Kuch baatein an-kahi thii,
Phir bhi mehsoos ho rahi thi.

Kuch pal bhar ki daastan,
Bas issi tarha chalti rahe.

Kuch cheeze bilkul nahi badali or kuch kaafi badal si gayi.

Soumya Jain

Date! 💙


We never settled on those fancy chairs of those restaurants,

only the long walks.

Under the moonlight and cold breeze wind.

No fancy gifts,

Just giggles.

Listening to our favourite songs

Wouldn’t be any better than this.

Away from the fake world

we have made our small room.

With a little help of chances

and waiting for the right time.

In the midst of nowhere

We had our perfect date.

With more friendship

And more fun.

It was the perfect date. 💙

Anjaan sa hoon.


Naam hai mera. Phir bhi
gumnaam sa hoon.

Raaston par chal raha hoon
Phir bhi gumrah hoon.

Josh toh hai
Par hosh ka koi theekana nahi.

Ye Jaan kar bhi
Anjaan sa hoon.

Aisi hai zindagi
Kisi mantaq ke bagair.

Chal raha hai jo
Vo aasaan nahi hai.


“Picture credit- sourabh jain. :)”