The wait we had to do
So long desperate wait that actually paid off.
And this wait has always been worth waiting for.
What is that one thing which calms you down and make you peaceful?
I will tell you mine.

Tightest hug and forehead kiss.

It acts as an antidepressant.
That moment was so special, not even for a second I had a different thought.
Soothed me from inside deeply.
For that particular moment it had no unwanted thoughts, zero problems, no sadness, the perfect state of tranquility.

It feels like the other person is home
An emotion to me.
Just hugging
Lying on the bed or on shoulder
Looking at each other
Freaking peaceful & gracefully.
Craving and waiting for that one perfect hug – is so miserable
Not everyone can make you feel home
And not everyone can mollify you.
Forhead kisses reminds of how much you mean to that person
Sign of Intangible connection.

Trust me,
This fondness
This placidity
Is so beautiful.

Hug until you smell like that person.


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