The moon is always lonely behind the clouds.
No mates.
Stars and clouds are everywhere but they are far, far away from the moon.
He always has the best bond with the sun and they were struggling to show everyone,
How they bond,
How they rise,
How they shine together.
They want to show their brightness together.
This Earth,
Being the only acquaintance.
They have their own signals.
As sun sets, moon rises,
With the high tides they try to feel and touch each other.
They wait for each other, see each other and set.
When all the three try to meet, either moon goes far away from the sun in Poornima
Or the moon facing earth but not the sun in Amavasya.
Moon comes everyday to meet earth but on amavasya it is not visible to earth.
But moon never stop trying.
It start again, getting visible to earth.
And the cycle goes on.
They never end desire to meet each other or to be with each other in any form.

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