Cans and can’ts.

Don’t tell yourself about the CAN’TS,
They are cruel, ruthless
If they become too familiar, too
known, too seen
There won’t be any place for CANS.
If you tell so,
They will stick to you and you’ll adapt them easily.
They will alter your esteem.
And pull you down.
And once you’ve started thinking about CAN’TS,
You will always find it as an excuse.
And they will not allow you to try, to work hard,
To work harder everyday.
CAN gives you a false motivation,
But with least regrets.
CAN’T will not even allow you to start.
Start doing, fail. Fail.
Don’t stop.

Fail, fall but keep going.

By my personal experience – if you start thinking all the positives and start saying I can and I already did, trust me you’ll definitely find it easy while doing that. Even if you fail, it won’t affect you much.

15 thoughts on “Cans and can’ts.

  1. So encouraging.. Give me strength to avoid thinking much and start performing.. Overthinking of Can’t will never help me in anyways.. So true enough stop can’t thinking and start can performing…

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