I m in the dark place.

There’s nothing inside,

Except for the future thoughts.

Self – induced,


Sleepless – nights.



Success but,

Standing on a no level zone.

Running out of stress.

Blurry vision.

Standing out against

the blackness,

occupying my entire


Work work,

Work until you your self feel proud.

Work until you don’t feel that you have

learned something great.

8 thoughts on “Thought.

  1. U wrote all … The thoughts which role in my mind … U wrote everything which I keep on thinking almost each time…as if U understood whats going inside me … Without talking to me … I really font know how to react …. But wrote everything exactly which is rolling continously on my mind . …. Thank you bro for giving my thoughts ur frame .

    Ur writing ur words…

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    1. Shreya Bhansali.You will do! You will amaze!You will leave all dumbstruck!You will achieve the unimagined!Yes you will do!
      I believe in you!😊

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  2. *You write so very well* Its not me telling you this but the fact that people are actually able to relate Your thoughts with Their’s.And that is something!❤

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