It is the best and the worst thing.

Strong imagination will take you to achieve something big if you work according to the plan.

And on the other hand it will let you down. You fantasise so many things in your mind. You live in fantasy with all the false hopes.


-you deal things yourway.

– you create your own path.

It gives pseudo hopes for the things which actually never gonna happen. And it let’s you stay in fantasy dreams of those things which are not true.

Someway it changes negative thoughts into positive ones.

Imagination is parallel to universe which actually never exist.

Imagination is an existence of virtual world.
And sometimes we just stay in that virtually imagined scenario that even the real ones seems to be virtual.

Logic will take you from A to B but
Imagination will take you everywhere

– Albert Einstein

3 thoughts on “Imagination.

  1. Imagination are the power everyone poses with all unique stuff they can add…. Imagination are the one… On which if we keep on working without losing hope…. We achieve the undesired target…. The one we never thought we could….. Beautifully expressed…… Imagination…. Are the land of fantasy…dreams …..imaginations are the power everyone poses 😊😊

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