3 thoughts on “Me, Myself! 

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights. I think that advice abt doing something different and trying to lighten things up is great. As u saw frm yr own experience, it was a great way to get some energy moving in a better direction. For me, one of the most helpful things in dealing with unpleasant feelings is just accepting them as they are. I am not thrilled with them, but not resisting them creates such a different energy. The intensity diminishes. I have also just been more accepting of life’s ups and downs. This idea that we should never experience anything bad and try to avoid it at all costs, or that bad things happening will forever taint our experience, can certainly make these times more difficult..
    When you give yourself a break, you create space. Allowing things to be, just as they are, without judgment or expectation, gives you room to breathe. And that is good for clarity. You may find things start to get better, if you let them.”
    Well described Yr Self Hatsoff to uh dude 😘😘😊✌

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