Know that, nothing stays the same. 

Know that, nothing stays the same! 

If you go few years back when you were kid & if you compare it with this new scenario ,can you feel the drastic change? 
Growing, moving, stepping ahead, getting mature, all are the phases of our life. When you were small ,everyone pamper, but as you grow up you hate being pampered. Those were the stress free, joyfull life & now people are stressed more then being happy. Nothing remains as it was. From mood to people everything swings. 

Creating memories was the only wish and now clicking pictures is trendy. 

Playing outside with neighbours even at 10, but now going for party at 10.

Meeting relatives was fun they bring you money, sweets but these days they are interested in your career, your life & poking your parents about you. 

Birthdays were amazing, just by giving two chocolates you can have that person as your best friend. Isn’t it funny now? 

Mumma’s special dishes on your birthday, just think when you ate for the last time on your birthday in your home with your family? 

Technology – biggest and fast growing thing. Ourkut to instagram, desktop to iPad, keypad phone to fastest smart phones, keeping negatives to saving pictures in pc things changed. 

Waiting for birthday’s so that we can play games, have fun and eat out, to going out every weekend things change. 

Know that, nothing stays the same :/ whether it is a person, things or memories. 
“Things changed, value decreased”.

7 thoughts on “Know that, nothing stays the same. 

  1. Its true that we tend to live in Virtual world because we can shut it wen we want..its difficult for us to stay and leave with real people because it requires love dedication time and patience..
    Beautifully Described,all lines are true gem!! Hatsoff Amazing 11th Blog ..Keep Writing ✌😎


  2. Yes I can remember a year ago I made a friend.Things changed but value increased!😅
    You are a exceptional writer tho.I know i went out of context.*But yes at the end i still like being pampered*^😂😉💓💓

    Liked by 1 person

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