Be a constant! πŸ˜Š

I am at that phase of life where I can easily distinguish between the static & the temporary state. 

Situations, people, problems all are just temporary. ‘If u are mature enough you will surely understand this line.’ You need not have to show someone your importance, you just have to be you. 

I just read somewhere & it got stuck in my mind- “it was said that whatever is disturbing you, stressing you now just think once whether it will bother you after 5 years?” No 5 is too long just think will it bother you in the coming year? NO. You just need to work little hard, just need to provoke yourself to be better than what you are now. 

The day when you understand & take relationship seriously, the day when you get to know that whatever you are demanding it’s all you are getting because of the striving of your parents, the day when you actually think nothing & no one is more important than your family – That day, that single day you will definitely feel the maturity, you will feel that you are actually grown up. And you will be away from all the hustle & obnoxious people. People are not true until they are not your family.
“In the world of temporary be a constant!”

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