Secret of Life!

Ever met a person who give u so much positivity that u speak your mind, take your decisions? I MET. 

Ever seen a person who motivates u?  I MET. 

Ever got so much of great vibes from a person? I HAVE GOT. 
Ever got so much of comfort, and positivity when you talk, look or be around that one person? Hahah! (Crazy, isn’t it?). 
There was a B, who was beside me. 

Taught me things, caught me when I was wrong. 

From emotional shit, to a good, strong human. 

We had the best beginning of our friendship & still counting together. 

From a dumb girl to a mature just by B’s reflection.         

                                          Thankyou B 🙂


-Never praise someone on their face and never abuse anyone on their back. 

– To make rational decision of life.

– Never reveal your next move! 

– Evolving initiates eliminating! 

– Embrace change, and workship evolution. 

– Introverts will never ignore there best friends!  

– Exepction kills. 

– To get out from a strong influence start hating it. 

– Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. So stay cool, no haters. 

– You live in the illusion of happiness and die in the illusion of happiness. 

– Revenge in necessary, but some are smart. 

– When you are good at something never do it for free. 

– Everything is temporary ; People, problems, situations. Everything. 

– Start doing with what you have!… 🙂

                                                Good luck

9 thoughts on “Secret of Life!

  1. Hey!!!
    U are doing a really great work!!
    I liked each n every thought of urs n i will try to implement it in my life!!!


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