House of worship!

She is our lucky charm. Whenever she smiles, our day becomes cheerful. We don’t need her all the time but still wants her to be infront of our eye. She cares way too much , in return she just want a little. She never gets irritated, in return she want the same. She is the bone , the base, the Pillar of our family. She is  the pacemaker. She is the one who left everything behind. Sits whole night when you are ill but can never see you in the pain. She be the most naughtiest person among all. Her laugh makes everything disapper. Her tears can bring anything down.

Our saviour, Our cashier, Our chef, Our master-mind, Our shopping partner, Our house of worship, Our  friend, Our gossiper, Our everything.

She wont ever eat alone, could die from starvation but still waits for daddy, children. She never asked for payment, she do priceless job. 


In return she just want some cuddle, little love, little care, honesty, happiness, joy, support, TIME.

Caution:- If she says don’t do this, don’t do that, then don’t, because most of the times you will fail.

“She can do everything alone, everything. But when she asks,  just do it for her.

-Yes she is our Mother.

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