Loyal! Loyal!


What do you understand by the word loyalty? Um not that difficult. Simply, the word  loyalty means no fake promises, no fake care, no fake value, no fake love, no fake trust, no fake devotion towards the person who mean everything to you.

The worst thing about breakup of any relationship is when people drift away from you without giving you a perfect reason to leave. If it was my mistake you should have said, if it was your mistake we should have discussed, but no. Leaving me was the only option left?

I am not saying that I m loyal but i have been loyal all through my relationships. Loyal! Loyal! Loyal! stay loyal, since childhood we are learning this but hahaha! do anyone follow, nah.

Be faithful towards your relationships & I just wanted to say that ” give the reason before leaving” it helps to move on.

She was loyal, but her stories ended unclearly !


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