Just a open road, my car and me,

I Drow to my favourite road.


The song was on repeat,

The mind was empty.


That day I realised,

The sky is beautiful with the wonderful shades of color.


I have been searching for the answers,

Silence on repeat.


The trees made the path beautiful,

The open ground was the only place to get lost.


Memories on the flashback,

Emotions rolled down.


Stress level reached zero,

Vibes were the only thing that made me strong.


I Wasn’t Wrong.

You thought I devalued you ?
But I valued from the core of my heart.

You thought I was Saviour ?
But it was my behvaiour.

You thought I was innocent ?
But I was scent.

You thought I yelled ?
But I helped.

You thought I was devastated ?
But I was irritated.

You thought I wised him ?
But i adviced him.

Yuu thought it was hug ?
But I considered it a rug.

House of worship!

She is our lucky charm. Whenever she smiles, our day becomes cheerful. We don’t need her all the time but still wants her to be infront of our eye. She cares way too much , in return she just want a little. She never gets irritated, in return she want the same. She is the bone , the base, the Pillar of our family. She is  the pacemaker. She is the one who left everything behind. Sits whole night when you are ill but can never see you in the pain. She be the most naughtiest person among all. Her laugh makes everything disapper. Her tears can bring anything down.

Our saviour, Our cashier, Our chef, Our master-mind, Our shopping partner, Our house of worship, Our  friend, Our gossiper, Our everything.

She wont ever eat alone, could die from starvation but still waits for daddy, children. She never asked for payment, she do priceless job. 


In return she just want some cuddle, little love, little care, honesty, happiness, joy, support, TIME.

Caution:- If she says don’t do this, don’t do that, then don’t, because most of the times you will fail.

“She can do everything alone, everything. But when she asks,  just do it for her.

-Yes she is our Mother.

Loyal! Loyal!


What do you understand by the word loyalty? Um not that difficult. Simply, the word  loyalty means no fake promises, no fake care, no fake value, no fake love, no fake trust, no fake devotion towards the person who mean everything to you.

The worst thing about breakup of any relationship is when people drift away from you without giving you a perfect reason to leave. If it was my mistake you should have said, if it was your mistake we should have discussed, but no. Leaving me was the only option left?

I am not saying that I m loyal but i have been loyal all through my relationships. Loyal! Loyal! Loyal! stay loyal, since childhood we are learning this but hahaha! do anyone follow, nah.

Be faithful towards your relationships & I just wanted to say that ” give the reason before leaving” it helps to move on.

She was loyal, but her stories ended unclearly !



Growth requires learning.
Growth requires a lot of sacrifices.
Growth requires a lot of change.
And growth requires us to leave something behind.
It can be hobbies, habits, beliefs, person, choices, dreams, career even the comfort zone you are at.
Growth is a gradual process and the pace of progress may vary with time.
It can be felt as a disconnection, an irritation, urge of having a person or a partner with whom you can just spit your if and buts.
Drifting away from the things you loved, from the person you were close to, also from your regular schedule.
Feeling of separation.
Make space for grief in the process of growth.
Not everyone you meet will support or even understand the phase of growth.
Remember to withstand through thick, be bold, Strong and rock solid.
You have to mourn your former life to make room for a newer you.
The new room demands new adjustments, new rules, new ways to deal with situations, new plans for the growth.
You’re allowed to make a big deal about things that mean a lot to you.

Life is growth and growth demands change,
Growth is change and change is an opportunity.


Let’s talk about Mental health.

I know what it’s like to lose.
To feel empty and broken.

Once in our life we have felt a bit or a little more
Something you are pressured to do.
Few moments which made you doubt your abilities.
It sends Shivers to your spine.
Turns your own presence into guilt.
Sometimes frightening enough to turn your dreams into nightmares.
Forgetting your lasting power.

That head rush,
And confused mind and the messed up life,
Which made you lose interest and unlove the things you used to do.
You gave up and surrender,
Tired of running and climbing,
You just leap and run.

It’s a constant struggle to guard your authenticity authentically,
Not get bitter,

That one time? Once in few months/ years?
One moment? Pushes you down?

There are times you’ll loose and fall back.
Your strength is in your struggle and experience,
They will lift you back up.

DM is a cool place, ping me when you want to escape and run. We might share our thoughts.

It’s ok.

Accept all of it
The dark and the light.
Illusion and truth.
Betrayal and loyalty.
Succes and failure.

You must be figuring out who you are,
Instead just be you.

You must compel things be right,
Rather just do the thing.

You must be trying for refusal,
And that is acceptable.

You must be thinking that,
You often fail in your life to be who you are supposed to be.
That doesn’t mean you will stop being who you are.
It is life
You fail,
You fall,
You crawl,
Never forget what matters and that’s YOU.

And it’s ok.


The wait we had to do
So long desperate wait that actually paid off.
And this wait has always been worth waiting for.
What is that one thing which calms you down and make you peaceful?
I will tell you mine.

Tightest hug and forehead kiss.

It acts as an antidepressant.
That moment was so special, not even for a second I had a different thought.
Soothed me from inside deeply.
For that particular moment it had no unwanted thoughts, zero problems, no sadness, the perfect state of tranquility.

It feels like the other person is home
An emotion to me.
Just hugging
Lying on the bed or on shoulder
Looking at each other
Freaking peaceful & gracefully.
Craving and waiting for that one perfect hug – is so miserable
Not everyone can make you feel home
And not everyone can mollify you.
Forhead kisses reminds of how much you mean to that person
Sign of Intangible connection.

Trust me,
This fondness
This placidity
Is so beautiful.

Hug until you smell like that person.


The moon is always lonely behind the clouds.
No mates.
Stars and clouds are everywhere but they are far, far away from the moon.
He always has the best bond with the sun and they were struggling to show everyone,
How they bond,
How they rise,
How they shine together.
They want to show their brightness together.
This Earth,
Being the only acquaintance.
They have their own signals.
As sun sets, moon rises,
With the high tides they try to feel and touch each other.
They wait for each other, see each other and set.
When all the three try to meet, either moon goes far away from the sun in Poornima
Or the moon facing earth but not the sun in Amavasya.
Moon comes everyday to meet earth but on amavasya it is not visible to earth.
But moon never stop trying.
It start again, getting visible to earth.
And the cycle goes on.
They never end desire to meet each other or to be with each other in any form.

P R O G R E S S .

Progress looks different on everyone.
I’m doing
Re growing
Evolving into new me
Transforming to new self.
Progress doesn’t require announcement for every single step you take,
Work calmly, work silently.
And pheeeew there you go.
People mis-understand progress with show off.
There’s nothing to be compared.
It’s you who can feel the process and progress within.
Progress is about the growth.
Grow and glow more and more day by day.
Every chance you get, try to level up yourself.
Try to improve.
Not only in studies or in career but also emotional, mental, physical, social progress in necessary.

Disappear, come back better. (If it requires)

Cans and can’ts.

Don’t tell yourself about the CAN’TS,
They are cruel, ruthless
If they become too familiar, too
known, too seen
There won’t be any place for CANS.
If you tell so,
They will stick to you and you’ll adapt them easily.
They will alter your esteem.
And pull you down.
And once you’ve started thinking about CAN’TS,
You will always find it as an excuse.
And they will not allow you to try, to work hard,
To work harder everyday.
CAN gives you a false motivation,
But with least regrets.
CAN’T will not even allow you to start.
Start doing, fail. Fail.
Don’t stop.

Fail, fall but keep going.

By my personal experience – if you start thinking all the positives and start saying I can and I already did, trust me you’ll definitely find it easy while doing that. Even if you fail, it won’t affect you much.

Don’t complain.

Don’t complain,
For every time you bluff yourself,
You cheat yourself.

Don’t complain,
For the excuses you make and then,
You cry for your failure.

Don’t complain,
For every time you tired,
You rest.

Don’t complain,
For the chance you missed,
you weren’t serious.

Don’t complain,
Because you, yourself will run your own future.

Become everything you encounter.
Become everything you are capable of.
Don’t complain.

Stop fighting.
Find the grace.
Flow with the power you have inside.


If I could hold you,
and take you home.
Sing you to sleep,
and hold you close.
It’s Saturday night,
I wanna hold you tight.
But I’m a mess.

I wish I could take you
to that height,
where we just find peace.
Sit and talk and eat alot.
I can take care of you,
But I’m a mess. 

All the lights will,
guide me to your way.
I feel that dark, ’bout you.
You can’t make a spark now.
I’m a mess.

And in night,
I want to look at you,
Every second, every minute.
I want to hug you.
Even if I’m a mess. 

Emotional reaction.

Emotional reaction to everything is just not the right way.

You can be controlled by anyone, by this mean.

Emotional sentences, emotional words can’t trap you.

If you are being controlled by someone and it continues, you will suffer.

If words can control you, anyone else can.

It’s fine to share your emotions but if you are completely dependent on someone’s emotion, means you are trapped.

Emotional actions are the fooling weapons, triggering the most sensitive and emotionally weak humans.

You will continue to suffer if you have reaction to all the emotions.

Just sit back,



Breathe and pass.